Atelier boutique Nadine Delépine



Nadine Delépine, already a long story…

Nadine Delépine, jewelry designer, is in Paris from 1991.

Countryside and childhood gardens, travels and Parisian life inspire her feminine and romantic collections.

Her true love to nature and flowers is giving birth to jewelry and hair accessories with a very personal style in a delicate and colorful universe.

A Workroom & Shop, where “Made in France” and even “Made in Paris” are so important for us.

We could make special orders for weddings or special occasions… Our large ranges of beads, ribbons, chains… in the back of the shop will make you more appreciate Nadine Delepines’ unique designs.

Craft Work

Nadine is making a meticulous materials selection then she designs and makes her own collections in her parisian workroom.

She is very concerned about details and precision to make some very high quality products.

Our designers selection

Nadine has made for you a selection of designers, as she does, who love craft work or make small collection with love… Let’s introduce Astrid Lecornu, Maud Terseur, Julie Meuriss, Sophie Digard, Lorina, Ma Poésie by Elsa Poux, Inouïtoosh, Lola Bon’heure, Bailey Hats & Kerzon