The shop

An attractive concept: the workshop is in the shop

There, Nadine Delepine can customize your order. The color blending of bindings and beads displayed in the back of the workshop creates an irresistible desire to come into the shop and appreciate the creativity and craftsmanship. Tons of combinations of strass colors, beads, or fabrics are available, allowing each customer to chose very personalized and unique accessories, particularly to match a wedding dress.
Nadine Delépine: a romantic and flowered spirit

Audacious is her style; she plays with the effects of mixed materials supported by high quality in materials choice and production. She pays a lot of attention to details, which gives a very feminine touch to her creations
Nadine Delépine : yet a long story
1991: first collection
1997 : ...
Nadine Delépine : latest news

New ready-to-wear collection for "mums and daughters". Of course, in "liberty". Exclusively at the shop

Guests of the season at the shop :

La tribu des oiseaux : small hats and headbands for the ceremonies of this season
Les cakes de Bertrand : funny vintage cases


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